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IMAGINOX design products in the premium wellness center Omega in Olomouc

IMAGINOX design products in the premium wellness center Omega in Olomouc

Together with our partners from the Imaginox group, this year we built a commercial wellness center for the Omega Sports and Health Center in Olomouc. The wellness center is fully equipped with many treatments and possibilities to relax the body and mind tired from sports. Alongside several commercial sauna cabins from our partner TAO, we implemented a stainless-steel swimming pool, two stainless-steel whirlpools, and other stainless-steel wellness products for wellness.

The Omega Wellness Center consists of indoor and outdoor relaxation areas. For the indoor area, we have implemented a stainless-steel swimming pool with a size of 7.3 x 3.8 x 1.3 m. The pool is overflowing on three sides, the remaining longitudinal side is connected to the wall and equipped with two skimmers. The stainless steel IMAGINOX pool has a straight staircase with a full side 1 m wide and is equipped with 2 WIBRE LED RGB lights, a massage wall with 5 hydro-massage jets, and a UWE Bambo counter-current that allows for fitness swimming.

In total, we have implemented two whirlpools for Wellness Omega, one indoors and one outdoors. The IMAGINOX rectangular indoor stainless steel overflow whirlpool is 2.7 x 3.7 x 1 m and has a capacity of 10 people. It is equipped with a 5-step staircase with a width of 80 cm with a single handrail, as well as colored LED lighting and, of course, massages. The 10 massage spots around the perimeter of the full U-shaped bench consist of a total of 50 hydromassage jets targeting the back and leg area.

Imaginox outdoor stainless steel whirlpool

The second one, the outdoor whirlpool is the dominant feature of the relaxation garden. The 7.5 x 2.4 x 1 m stainless steel IMAGINOX overflow whirlpool has a capacity of 14 people. It is divided into two sections with a straight entrance staircase in the middle. In one part you can lie on the massage tube loungers with air massage. The tubular lounger is just wide enough for four people and is complemented by 4 headrests. The other part of the whirlpool is a seated massage area. Along the tubular air-massage bench, arranged in a U-shape around the perimeter of the tub, the hydro-massage jets create 10 massage spots targeted for a back massage, foot massage, or both – depending on the relaxing guest’s preference. The whirlpool is covered with a PVC slatted cover that protects it from dirt and helps maintain its temperature.

design Kneipp path Imaginox

A design-interesting wellness product is the original Kneipp path, which demonstrates the individual possibilities offered by stainless steel. The uniquely shaped Kneipp path was made to measure. It consists of 4 individual pools in the shape of a triangle, altogether placed in a gently curved walkway with a railing, measuring 2.9 x 0.9 x 0.35 m. The hot and cold-water pools are supplemented with pebbles to enhance the effects of the treatment by massaging the feet and with suggestive backlighting to enhance the thermal sensation.

Cooling procedures Imaginox

A sauna area is also a must in such a fully equipped wellness area. For this, we have added several cooling options, including an ice machine and a stainless-steel cooling pool. The rectangular IMAGINOX overflow plunge pool is 2.3 x 2.08 x 1.13 m in size. The entrance consists of a straight staircase across the width of the pool, complete with a handrail. The pool is equipped with colored LED RGB WIBRE lighting. Would you also like to equip your spa with premium stainless-steel products? Do not hesitate to contact us!