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Design Commercial Wellness at Kovárna Resort

Design Commercial Wellness at Kovárna Resort

The village of Frýdštejn is located in a region that rightfully bears the name Czech Paradise due to its beauty. And paradise is also what you will find once you enter the inconspicuous rural building of Kovárna Resort. Inside is a modern hotel with a luxurious wellness facility, which was our task.

The wellness area at Kovárna Resort is designed for private rental for couples or small groups. Therefore, it is equipped with a bedroom, a bar, and seating, all creating an impressive atmosphere with stunning design.

It’s the rustic interior design that immediately catches the eye. It combines the rawness of stone and floral decorations with colored lighting and modern materials like stainless steel. We have implemented several stainless-steel wellness products for Kovárna Resort.

Luxury stainless steel whirlpool IMAGINOX in Kovarna resort near Turnov

One of the central elements is the overflowing stainless-steel whirlpool, IMAGINOX. The circular whirlpool with a diameter of 1.6m is 1m deep and is equipped with a bench and bubble massage. 16 hydromassage jets targeting the body and 6 jets targeting the feet create comfortable massage spots for 3 people.

Designer custom made stainless steel whirlpool in Kovarna resort near Turnov

Since the wellness area at Kovárna Resort also includes a sauna, a stainless-steel cooling pool is a must. The sunken circular IMAGINOX pool has a diameter of 1.6m. Like the whirlpool, it is equipped with LED RGB lighting. A wide three-level staircase divides the pool into several depth levels and creates seating areas.

Kneipp path IMAGINOX in Kovarna resort near Turnov

Another wellness procedure you can enjoy here is the Kneipp path. The custom-made design footpath was created together with a structure that provides space for floral decorations along the wall. The Kneipp path consists of four pools – cold and warm – with pebbles and suggestive lighting. The path is 2.7m long and is equipped with a railing and a design plastic decoration along the wall.

Experience cooling shover by IMAGINOX  in the commercial resort Kovarna

The central feature of the entire wellness area is the experiential shower with chromotherapy. It utilizes not only the water flow but also the flow of colored light, which is one of the impulse that stimulate our mental state. The shower hides another surprise. Do you want to find out what it is? Visit Kovárna Resort and try our products for yourself. If you are as impressed by this implementation as we are, write to us. We will be happy to create a complete customized wellness experience according to your preferences.

modern stainless steel wellness equipment in Kovarna Resort in the  Czech Republic