Advantages of Deck-level Pools

Under law, deck-level pools are the only option for commercial facilities in most European countries. The deck-level filtration system circulates water over the edges of the pool and ensures the uniform and effective capture of impurities. The system maintains perfect cleanliness even with high levels of usage.

Deck-level pools are also very popular for private projects and are usually the choice of more demanding customers and architects. The beauty of Deck-level pools lies in the water level being parallel with the edge of the pool, which gives the impression of an endless water level. Choosing a Deck-level pool however means a slightly higher purchase price and it is also not recommended to apply the system outdoors due to more complicated maintenance.

Advantages of Deck-Level Pools IMAGINOX
Why Choose an Imaginox Deck-level Pool?

Why Choose an Imaginox Deck-level Pool?

Imaginox stainless-steel pools feature refined design and high-quality equipment, which provides perfect circulation and water purity. Whether it is a family pool, or a hotel wellness project, Imaginox stainless-steel pools have much to offer.

IMAGINOX Deck-Level Pool Visualization