History of Stainless Steel

History of the Material

The first products made of a stainless steel-like material began to emerge at the beginning of the 19th century. It was already known at the time, that the adding of chromium enhanced the corrosion resistance of the steel. However, the discovery of stainless-steel itself is ascribed to the British metallurgist Harry Brearly, who was in 1913 able to practically assess its advantages and started to use it to make cutlery.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Material

The discovery of stainless-steel, i.e., the alloy of iron and chromium, was a major industrial milestone, in particular due to its unique mechanical and hygienic properties. Stainless-steel is not only resistant to corrosion and extreme temperature conditions, but it is also structurally rigid and can have a very smooth surface. It is also recyclable without the danger of compromising the quality of the secondary product.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stainless Steel
History of Stainless-Steel Pools

Since When Has It Been Used for Pools and Why

Stainless-steel was first used to build a pool in Austria in 1969. Over the next few years, and despite the higher purchase costs, demand steadily increased, as did the number of companies producing these products. Stainless-steel pools are characterized by their exceptionally long service life, sleek modern design, easy maintenance and by the ability to customise the product.

Planning and Visualization

The beginning of the planning process is accompanied by a lot of questions. Our sales representatives and consultants provide our customers and business partners with quality advice related to the process of cooperation and our portfolio of products in order to create an adequate solution according to individual requirements. Part of the planning process is a visit to the installation site and the drawing up of a visualization – this allows us to offer a product that will provide long-term satisfaction to the customer.

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Detailed Planning and Visualization for every project of IMAGINOX products
3D Product Modeling of every IMAGINOX pool and whirlpool.

3D Product Modelling

Our team of constructors makes a detailed technical 3D model based on the features and dimensions of the product, including its components, the manner of anchoring and placement. The advantage of 3D modelling compared to traditional design is the possibility to perfectly visualize the pool, thereby avoiding mistakes in subsequent parts of the project. Perfect and Detailed.


The production of stainless-steel pools, whirlpools and smaller wellness accessories is always based on complete and comprehensive design documentation. This documentation must be approved by the client, architect or another person responsible for the realization of the project. Subsequently, we prepare detailed production documentation for the start of the production process. In order to ensure the flawlessness of our products, we first assemble them in the production facility before transporting them to the installation site in one piece or in separate parts, subject to the construction requirements.

Precision Manufacturing of IMAGINOX pool and whirlpool.

From Start to Finish

Our aim is to provide maximum customer satisfaction. We achieve this through the provision of personal and professional support throughout the whole process. A representative of our company will be made available to answer all of your questions from beginning to end. Each product is installed by the same assembly team which is responsible for the actual production. Their familiarity with the project ensures its smooth and efficient realization, and a better final result.

Technical Support

Quality technical support is key to the smooth, complication-free realization of our projects. We therefore provide our clients and business partners with comprehensive technical information concerning the construction readiness and the production of our products. Subject to prior agreement, we are also able to arrange a survey of the area intended for the placement of the pool, whirlpool or other wellness product.

Technical Support is Key to the Smooth, Complication-Free Realization of IMAGINOX Projects
Installation Process of IMAGINOX Stainless-Steel Pool

Installation Process

After the manufacturing process is completed, the finished product is transported to the installation site as a whole or in separate parts. The unloading is either done by hand or by crane depending on local circumstances and the weight of the individual components. The duration of the assembly depends on the complexity and the size of the product. We can install and put into operation a small standard pool in a matter of a few days.

Modern Production Facility

All IMAGINOX stainless-steel products are manufactured in a modern production facility in the Czech Republic. The site consists of several production halls with a total area of more than 4 600 m2. We are happy to give you a guided tour of the site and show you in person the precision and quality of our production process.

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Imaginox Headquarters
Innovative Production Technology of Stainless-Steel Pools IMAGINOX

Production Technology

Our production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machines that enable meticulous work with stainless steel. The water jet cutter and 8-metre press brake enable us to manufacture individual pool components up to a size of 8 x 2 metres. We also have 4-metre hydraulic shears, sheet metal and profile bending rolls, quality welding units and special grinders at our workers disposal for flexible production and comprehensive product processing.

Production Innovation

Innovation is not restricted to machines and tools, but also encompasses our customised business and production management system, which monitors every step of the production process, and our design software, which enables the efficient processing of production documentation. As the number of projects grows, we are increasingly aware that the key to a successful business and company growth lies in constant modernization and investment. It is only by doing this that we will be able to keep up with the growing worldwide demand for stainless steel pools and the increasing expectations of our clients.

Pool Technology in Stainless-Steel Pool
Certificate of Quality of IMAGINOX Stainless-Steel Products


All the materials used in our products must pass a quality test. All such attestations are delivered to the client along with the handover documentation for the delivered product. Our manufacturing process, including the staff contribution to this, is also certified. IMAGINOX holds the following certificates based on an audit by TUV SUD:

  • ČSN EN ISO 9001 – Quality management systems
  • ČSN EN ISO 1090-1 – Execution and design of stainless-steel structures
  • ČSN EN ISO 3834-1 – Quality requirements during fusion welding of metallic materials

Suppliers and Used Materials

Our main motto is "precision". We therefore place great emphasis on the quality of the technologies, production, assembly and used materials supplied exclusively by our trusted partners. We use several grades of stainless steel when manufacturing pools, whereby the chemical composition of the input water and the selected method of disinfection is a determining factor. The basic materials used in most of the projects are:main motto is "precision". We therefore place great emphasis on the quality of the technologies, production, assembly and used materials supplied exclusively by our trusted partners. We use several grades of stainless steel when manufacturing pools, whereby the chemical composition of the input water and the selected method of disinfection is a determining factor. The basic materials used in most of the projects are:

  • WALLS: 1.4404 according to ČSN EN 10088-1
  • CONSTRUCTION: 1.4301 according to ČSN EN 10088-1
  • CIRCULATION: 1.4571 according to ČSN EN 10088-1
Suppliers and Used Materials for IMAGINOX Pools
Control of the Production and Shipping Process

Control of the Production and Shipping Process

The entire business and production process is strictly supervised not only by auditors from the internationally renowned TUV SUD, but also internally. The entire production and shipping process is constantly supervised by our quality and shipping manager. By regularly checking access to orders, production, workers, and their qualifications, we ensure the highest quality of our final products.