Flexibility, Communication and Fair Play

Whether it concerns consulting or the products themselves, flexibility towards clients and business partners is always our top priority. This is confirmed by the fact that the majority of our products are completely tailor-made and most of our meetings take place directly on installation sites, even if that is abroad. Given that the success of each project depends on many consecutive steps, the planning along with open and fair communication with the client or business partner is crucial to ensuring mutual satisfaction.

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Flexibility, Communication and Fair Play realization of IMAGINOX Pool
Private project in Tel Aviv, Israel Private project in Tel Aviv, Israel

Experience with Projects at Home and Abroad

Although the production of stainless-steel pools is still considered to be unusual, new, and exclusive, the demand for these wellness products is increasing every year. In addition to standard products popular with our private clients, we also focus on advanced design and innovative projects. Thanks to our wide network of business partners and dealers we realize projects not only in Europe, but also in the Middle East and Asia.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our company has the advantage of having multifunctional commercial premises at its disposal. The company's newly constructed headquarters in the Czech Republic include office space, an extensive showroom and production plant complete with state-of-the-art equipment. This makes the cooperation between dealers, designers, and production much easier and enables us to control the quality of each product more precisely. In addition to guided tours of our commercial facilities, you can also try out our products for yourself in our new wellness showroom.

Modern production facilities of IMAGINOX Pools

Company Management

Jiří Kachlík

Jiří Kachlík

Martina Kollárová

Ing. Martina Kollárová

Anna Marková

Ing. Anna Marková, MBA
Business Development

International Sales Department

Mgr. Vladimír Duženkov

Mgr. Vladimir Duženkov
International Sales Manager for Russian-speaking markets

Tel.: +420 721 056 823

Ing. Marek Fischer, MIM

Ing. Marek Fischer, MIM
International Sales Manager for German-speaking markets

Tel.: +420 602 677 426

Ivana Rezková

Ing. Ivana Rezková
International Sales Manager for English and French-speaking markets

Tel.: +420 702 002 272

Partners of IMAGINOX



Wibre focuses on the production of pool lighting and decorative lighting. It was founded in 1919, and over the years, it has become a world leader in its field. Wibre lights are also used in the most luxurious private and commercial projects around the world.



Rollo Solar is a leading European manufacturer of premium automatic custom-made swimming pool covers. The company was founded in 1983 in Germany, and it uses exclusively German materials and components for the manufacture of its products.



T&A is one of Europe's main manufacturers of automatic pool covers. It focuses on high-quality custom-made products, made only of the best materials. It produces up to 2500 pool covers every year.



Uwe JetStream is a manufacturer of pool accessories, such as countercurrents, pool nozzles, underwater lights and much more. The company's goal is for all the products it offers to be of a high quality and to continually develop new innovative technologies.



Schmalenberger has been developing modern high-quality pumps since 1954 – from standard pumps to electronically monitored pumping systems. Today, this family-owned company has become one of Europe's leading suppliers of centrifugal pumps.



For more than 50 years now, OSPA has been a leader in pool technology, not only in Germany, but also around the world. It focuses mainly on the quality of the water in the pool and the constant innovative development and improvement of technological solutions.



The German company BEHNCKE GmbH was established in 1949, and over the years, it has become a leading European supplier of pool technology. It focuses mainly on the development of filters, heat exchangers and designer stainless steel fittings.



Italinox, a leading supplier of high-quality stainless steel, was founded in 1992. It focuses mainly on the production of sheet metal, tubes, rods, and other stainless-steel accessories. It sells over 25,000 tons of stainless-steel products every year.



DEPA was founded in 1972, and since its beginnings, it has been focused on the production of technical equipment for swimming pools. It focuses mainly on high-quality plastic overflow gratings, portable anti-slip floors, and beach walkways.



AQA TYBSA was founded in 1985 and is a leader in modern stainless-steel designer accessories. The products are designed, not only for private projects, but also for public swimming pools, commercial spas and sports facilities.

Become part of the IMAGINOX team!

We are a Czech company that is constantly growing and we export our products all over the world.

Why become part of Imaginox team

Teambuilding of IMAGINOX company
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Events for employees

We make sure that friendly spirit and a family atmosphere are always present in the team. That is why the sports and cultural events we organize for our employees are very popular.

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Catering allowance

Employees receive a meal allowance from us in the form of vouchers.

Employee benefit
Modern background for IMAGINOX Team
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Modern background

All Imaginox products are made to order for each project in our production facilities in the Czech Republic, which have an area of ​​more than 4600 m2 and are equipped with the most modern machines for working with stainless-steel. All our technologies and production processes are in line with strict quality controls.

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Friendly team

From a small group of colleagues, it has already grown to be a large group. But even in that, we try to maintain personal relationships and a friendly spirit. We also strengthen our team with after-work activities.

Friendly team of IMAGINOX Company
IMAGINOX is a Czech Company based near Prague.
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Czech company

We are a Czech company. Thanks to mutual trust, responsibility, courage, and perseverance, we grew in good times and resisted the bad times with all our might- and that spirit has remained.